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Accelerating sustaianability in the chemical industry

The Economic Network of South Netherlands (ENZuid) consists of the provinces of Zeeland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg and eight triple helix organisations. They are working together to strengthen the regional economy. Meanwhile, the three industrial clusters of Geleen, Moerdijk and Terneuzen form the heart of the European chemical industry. They are responsible for over 20% of the Netherlands’ total CO2 emissions. In order to achieve the Dutch national climate goals for 2030 and 2050, investments must be accelerated in large-scale application of renewable feedstock, recycling and electrification of processes in the chemical industry. Bax & Company was asked by ENZuid to develop a strategy and implementation programme for this.

We’ve been working on the strategic plan for the supply chain transition in the chemical industry and below you will find an overview of our process.


We prepared some communication materials (some of which you can find here, as well as an English summary) and reached out to both local and regional authorities, as well as the large chemical companies, and a number of scale-up companies and networks. Soon, we had enough organisations onboard to start defining how to implement the programme.


During the discussions, opportunities and bottlenecks were identified and discussed, after which the potential collaborative projects were elaborated into nine draft project proposals. These promising upscaling projects can substantially contribute to both the national and European CO2 reduction targets. With years of experience in developing complex cooperation projects on a European scale, we handled the project proposal development.


The complexity of this subject and the relatively short timeframe posed several challenges for us:

  1. writing clear and concise argumentations about a large-scale challenge;
  2. involving all stakeholders in the development of the vision and strategy;
  3. identifying and elaborating on promising projects for upscaling;
  4. cooperating with a large knowledge institution as a small consultancy firm;
  5. organising online workshops and collaborating online with approximately 15 teammates;
  6. meeting tight deadlines and ensuring high-quality results within a short timeframe.

By providing templates, responding flexibly to developments, continuously working on clear formulations of opportunities and bottlenecks, repeated coordination with clients and teammates and the input of a large portion of enthusiasm, we were able to deliver promising results and continue to #AccelerateInnovation.

Originally posted at on 9 July 2020.

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